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Are you looking for Healthy Prostate Function?

Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate formulas were originally developed by Medical Doctors and Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia, for their patients looking for alternatives to standard Western Medicine prostate disorder treatments like drugs or surgeries. These doctors realized the importance of not focusing solely on treating the symptoms of prostate disorders but instead naturally supported the body's own healthy prostate function and capacity. For more information on how Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate can be used as part of your dietary supplement protocol, read more below.

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The Prostate Crinum Kit 30 Day Supply*

Crinum Prostate Kit

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Synergistic Prostate Kit contains one each:

  • Crinum Prostate (60 Capsules) 100% Crinum Latifolium - 2 Bottles
  • Healthy Prostate & Ovary (180) Crinum Latifolium Prostate Formula - 1 Set of 2 Bottles

These Doctor recommended herbal health supplements have been combined to provide maximum support for healthy prostate function.* Crinum Prostate is 100% Crinum Latifolium, HPO is a synergistic prostate health support formula containing Crinum Latifolium. Combined, the two provide maximum prostate health support. Go to for the main store or purchase here using "add to cart".*


"I have been using Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary successfully for over 4 years. This product has been a truly remarkable part of my prostate health protocol. Two months ago I added 1 capsule of the Crinum Prostate product to the mix and I can tell you that this product works well with the Healthy Prostate & Ovary. My doctor is very happy with my test results and so am I. Much appreciated."

Stephen G, Florida

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Crinum Prostate

December 30th, 2011

Crinum Brought to You by Get Well Natural LLC. This site is part of an ongoing effort to spread the word about superior dietary herbal supplements believed by their creators to support the body. This site will have a primary focus on crinum latifolium but also feature other health articles and products.*

What is Crinum Prostate?

Crinum Prostate is a dietary herbal supplement brought to you by Get Well Natural LLC containing 100% Crinum Latifolium. As far as we know Get Well Natural is the only supplier of 100% Crinum Latifolium in the United States.*

Crinum Latifolium and Prostate Health?*

Many Eastern medicine and other dietary herbal practitioners embracing the Eastern medicine philosophy believe that prostate health can be supported with dietary crinum latifolium.*

Their philosophy holds that when the body is in balance, the body uses the innate ability to avoid health conditions and problems such as prostate problems. They believe each body system can specifically be supported with the appropriate dietary herbs. They believe when the body is in balance there can be no ‘dis’ ease. Crinum latifolium is one such Vietnamese herb that has been used for millenia to support prostate health.*

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Herb for Prostate Health

December 30th, 2011

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

If you are familiar with benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer or any of the host of prostate and bph symptoms then you just may be looking for an herb for prostate health support. You probably are or you wouldn’t be here.*

What if a simple herb could support a healthy prostate? What if you could support your body’s ability to provide you with relief with dietary herbs? Many Eastern Medicine practitioners believe there is one that can and does. This herb is called crinum latifolium.*

Crinum Latifolium

Crinum Latifolium is the Vietnamese lily variety of crinum that was allegedly reserved for royalty and was referred to as “Medicine for the King’s Palace” and the “Royal Female Herb.”

For Women Too?

As you can infer from the “Royal Female Herb”, crinum isn’t limited only to prostate health support. One amazing property of the herb is its alleged ability to support both prostate and ovary health. Crinum latifolium is believed to be remarkably effective at supporting both men’s and women’s sexual health.*

An herb being effective for both men and women’s health support is considered quite unusual. Crinum appears to do both, according to Eastern Medicine practitioners who have used the herb. This is also supported by the legend of crinum latifolium’s royal history. Practitioners also believe there are benefits beyond strictly prostate and ovarian health support.*

Crinum Prostate Dot Com

Crinum is obviously the focus of this web site, which is one of the sister sites of Get Well Natural LLC. Get Well Natural provides you with dietary health products and information, including Eastern Medicine based herbal supplements. You will find a wealth of information at the main site 100% Crinum Latifolium, Healthy Prostate & Ovary herbal formula with crinum, and the Prostate Crinum Kit with both are also available.

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